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The Idea

Circa technologies is a computer engineering firm that touches the very lives of our clients. We value the essence of relationships and thus we make every effort to establish a cordial relationship with our client right from the start. We partner our clients with the aim of understanding their real needs in order to deliver tailor measured IT solutions that fits their business needs.

Circa Technologies, brings core technology to the center of our clients businesses, to help them win at their market places. Our priority is making the lives of our clients simple and easier and at the same time efficient to compete

The success of our clients and our passion for innovation in technology is at the core of our brand ethos. We believe that innovation is our only insurance against irrelevance. It is the guarantee of a long term customer loyalty. And that is why we strive so hard to win the friendship of our clients.

We cover all the aspects of computer engineering and its sciences to leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to provide every IT related service clients will need, right at their doorsteps.

Meet our team

The team

Michael Denuh
Lead Systems Architect
Erica Boadu
Administrator and Customer Relations Officer

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How Do You Spot a Good IT Firm from afar?

  • Constant innovation
  • Focus on an excellent, functional product and before anything else
  • Passion for what they do
  • Simple and smart solutions to complex problems
  • Modern and creative approach to solving problems
  • Open, fun and knowledge sharing environment
  • A dedicated team that will work round the clock to produce a perfect product
  • A habit of completing projects
  • Ability to resolve issues before they become problem
  • Care and respect for the business of clients

Partner with circa technologies, and hand over the stress of all your IT issues to us.
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